Plant Spirit Healing

Plant Spirit Healing is the energetic and shamanic practice of working with the intelligent and sentient aspects of plants to enhance a person's well being. 

 As has long been recognized by indigenous peoples, and more recently by science, plants are very alive and conscious beings.  Much like people, each plant has special qualities that they bring to the earth, and a unique purpose to serve while here.  In addition to providing the oxygen we need to breathe and food for nourishment, plants have healing gifts which can assist us humans.  

Most people are aware of how plants can support us on a physical or emotional level via herbal remedies.  For example, one plant may help balance hormones associated with menopause.  Another may help with depression or anxiety.  Another may help with wound healing.   

Plant Spirit Healing works at the energetic and spiritual level.  Again, for example, certain plants work to help rebalance the chakras, or energy centers of the body.  Others can help move stuck or negative energies in the bioenergy field around a person.  And others work to help reconnect us to our soul and life purpose.  

The Plant Spirit Healing practitioner has established a spiritual working relationship with different plants and will work with them to help address issues a client may be experiencing.  Addressing these issues from the "top down" can often help to finally clear even long standing problems.  It is thought that most illnesses, and dis-ease, originate at the spiritual level first and eventually trickle down to manifest as symptoms on the emotional and physical levels, or as struggles in daily life and relationships. 

What to expect:   Joyce finds that sessions are most beneficial when they are done non-local, meaning they typically are not done in the office, and you are not physically present during the session.  This is also helpful as clients do not have to live geographically close to Joyce to receive sessions.  Treatment begins with you sharing, in writing, information about your current issue(s), overall health, relationships and goals.  Then a brief phone interview is scheduled so Joyce can clarify or get any additional information she may need to work with the plants.  The actual  session is conducted some time during the next week or so.  Joyce contacts you after to schedule a follow-up phone conversation so she can share the outcome of your healing session.  "Homework" is typically given; follow-up activities to integrate the work done in the session.  Often flower essences of the plants used during the session will be given to help support and integrate the healing as well.  These are mailed to you with instructions on how to use them.  

Everyone's healing is individualized.  Based on your first treatment, we will discuss a plan of treatment based on your goals.

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