Integrated Energy Therapy

A healing modality that uses the violet angelic energy ray and a unique Cellular Memory map to target specific areas of the body where cellular memory is stored, helping to release them on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - leaving a person's energy field re-balanced.   Integrated Energy Therapy "gets the issues out of the tissues".....  safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of one's past, empowering and balancing one's life in the present, and helps one evolve into the future.  

What to expect:  You will first share what your goal(s) of the session will be.  You will then lie fully clothes on a treatment table.  Through designated hand placements, Joyce will systematically clear and fill areas of cellular memory with integrated energy.   As this happens, you may have many reactions from feeling nothing (healing without feeling), feeling sensations (vibration, tingling, pressure, temperature change), or feeling emotions (anger, sadness, joy). The treatment lasts about one hour and finishes with grounding the energy field.  There is a chance to share any reactions, insights, information or ask questions at the end of the session.

Both in person and distance sessions are available.  For distance sessions, a designated appointment time is made.  You'll share your goal(s) and recap the session via email or phone.  You'll rest comfortably in a place without distractions at your home during the session.

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