Intuitive Energetic Bodywork

A gentle and intuitive approach to energetic manual therapy where high vibration energy is used to shift and clear blockages within the physical body and bio-energy field, restoring ease and flow, movement, function and vitality.

What to expect:   Sessions begin with a review any relevant medical history and current issues and, most importantly, your goal for the session.   Joyce then scans your body and energy field for blockages.  The area of most significant blockage is addressed first.  It is held in high vibration energy until the blockage shifts or releases. You may notice various sensations, see colors or images, or feel deeply relaxed while this happens. We then move to the next area of significance, and flow in this manner until we achieve a state of quiescence and calm expansiveness.  If the session is done in the office, you will lie fully clothed on a treatment table and Joyce will lightly place her hands over these areas of blockage.  If the session is being done remotely, you will simply rest comfortably in an undisturbed place and Joyce will work with a holographic image of you.  A chance to share the experience or ask questions is done via email or phone after the session.

  The number of sessions you may need can depend on a number of variables.  Some people only need a few sessions, while others need ongoing treatment for a period of time in order to resolve their issue(s) or bring it to a manageable level.  A sense of how much therapy you may need can better be determined after your initial visit.

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