Holistic Manual Therapy

A gentle and intuitive approach to manual therapy where Joyce assesses, or 'reads', your body for restrictions and energy blockages.  Many areas of dysfunction involve the muscles and bones, but can also involve your organs, vessels, nerves or any other body system, or your energy field.  Various manual therapy techniques are then applied to release those areas, restoring ease and flow to movement, functioning and energy.  This approach is very similar to myofascial release but is even more gentle and energetic.

What to expect:  Treatment begins with a review of your medical history and current issues, followed by a whole body assessment of posture in standing and lying down, range of motion, movement analysis, soft tissue tightness/restriction and energy blockages, and pelvis/spinal alignment.  Treatment is then applied to the most dominant area(s) of dysfunction, which may or may not be the area that is most symptomatic.  Most treatment is done with you lying on a treatment table, fully dressed.  Self treatment exercises, techniques or activities are given as needed to maintain and/or make further improvements between sessions, and help keep gains after you complete your course of therapy.  The number of sessions you may need can depend on a number of variables.  Some people only need a few sessions, while others need ongoing treatment for a period of time in order to resolve their issue(s) or bring it to a manageable level.  A sense of how much therapy you may need can better be determined after your initial visit.

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