Joyce Karnis  

 Energy Healing & Energetic Bodywork

What clients are saying

I’ve known about energetic healing for some time.  I have experienced it being “done to me”, but not as a participant in the process.  I had always considered it a practice for having energy cleared, not healing physical pain.​

I’d been experiencing high hamstring pain for several years and it was very limiting.  It hurt to sit for more than 15- 20 min, walk 10-15 min, especially uphill.  No riding my bicycle either.   I had tried icing the area, heat ,stretching, massage, acupuncture and exercises with no lasting relief.

I heard about Joyce from a friend and figured what did I have to lose.

Much to my surprise after each session I felt less pain.  I was able to hear my body talk to me and guide me to uncovering the root cause of my pain.

Joyce is a very calming presence. Patient and knowledgeable in how to provide just the right amount of guidance and assistance while still allowing me to tap into my own body's  ability to heal itself.

 I was a skeptic with low expectation of success. Turns out Joyce’s sessions with me was the game changer  in my return to an active lifestyle.

This practice is for anyone who wants to experience the healing power of their own bodies. Feel what it’s like to communicate with your physical body and ask it for guidance and healing in a safe and comfortable environment.

- CL, distance Healing From the Core sessions

Joyce guides with a gentle approach that allows me to discover an innate ability to regulate from accumulated life-long stress and follow my own cycles of renewal.

She combines her healing energy with a vast therapeutic knowledge and her own intuitive awareness.

I have been so fortunate to work with Joyce. Her practice also teaches me beyond our sessions - I feel a cumulative and ongoing restorative awareness deep within my body.

Joyce offers invaluable experiential wisdom that has enhanced my health in all areas of my life. 

-LT, Distance Healing from the Core sessions

From the very first minute of my remote session with Joyce, and each subsequent remote session, I felt cocooned or held in place in a potent energetic field that continually shifts and moves. I assume the varying and moving sensations in my body are wherever her attention is drawn. She follows the energy and her accuracy, findings and discoveries in the conversation that follows each session blows me away. Joyce is a gifted and potent facilitator...a body whisperer. Her soft and gentle demeanor in person hides her potency. If you book a remote session with Joyce, make sure you are in a comfortable and quiet place to fully receive and benefit. Her clarity of attention and intention is felt the moment session begins and ends. 

- KM, distance energetic bodywork session