Joyce Karnis  

Intuitive Energy Healing & Bodywork

About Joyce Karnis

"I have spent years simultaneously evolving ‚Äč both professionally and personally.  Under the mentoring and guidance of several amazing people, each offering a necessary and beautifully healing piece of my journey, I not only have gained superb clinical training, but have also personally moved from suffering with headaches. neck and jaw pain, and a sense of feeling numb and lost, to being essentially pain free, and feeling grounded and alive.  I also am confident that I have the tools I need to support my health and well-being, in whatever way is needed. My healing journey has inspired me to facilitate this journey for others as well....supporting them in activating their own self healing capabilities, being more present and to be able to live more fully with joy."


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Joyce has been a physical therapist for over 20 years, many of those specializing in the treatment of chronic pain.  She has training in a variety of holistic manual therapies, most extensively the John F Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release.  

Joyce believes that much of the pain, stress and dis-ease that we experience in our lives is due to a lack of connection with our bodies, our Selves and with Nature.  This can be due to a number of reasons.....trauma, societal/cultural conditioning, and constant societal pressures to do and be being the most significant. 

She found that in order for most people to improve  their chronic pain and illness , these aspects often needed to be addressed in addition to their physical issues.  And they needed to reconnect to their bodies and their body wisdom so they could be empowered in their own health and well-being. This inspired her to explore other energy based therapies that could further support people in all levels of healing.....body, mind and spirit.  To that end, she completed an apprenticeship in Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery in Vermont in 2015.  She is also a certified Master-Instructor level Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner.   And has completed certification training in Distance Healing From the Core.

She offers distance sessions, pulling from all her years of experience and trainings to support those seeking transformative change in their health and well-being.