Reconnecting......body and soul

Yes, Reconnecting.....body and soul.......​this is Joyce Karnis' mission when she is at Grace Wellness Center in Meredith, New Hampshire, where she combines different healing approaches to help people shift from feeling stressed and overwhelmed, lost and stuck, and holding tension and pain

to feeling calm and grounded, more at ease in their body, better able to be present in their relationships, more connected with who they are, free from past trauma and more joyful.

Joyce believes in treating the whole person. This allows you to not only 'be well' at a physical level, but to also 'BE Well'.... living with vitality, purpose, health and authenticity.

Each unique session with Joyce is individually designed to complement your wellness and guide you forward towards your goals for health and well being. 

So whether you have physical symptoms which limit your ability to complete daily activities, you experience chronic stress and tension, or you just want to nurture yourself...body and soul...Joyce can support you on your journey.

 Look below for more information about the healing therapies that may be used help you achieve a greater sense of well- BEing

Intuitive Energetic Bodywork

A gentle, holistic and intuitive approach to clear areas of physical or energetic restriction, restoring ease and flow to the body and soul.  Sessions can be done in office or remotely.

Integrated Energy Therapy

A simple yet effective way to open the flow of vital life force within the human body and the human energy field, by integrating suppressed feelings from cellular memory and clearing their associated energy blockages.  Sessions can be done in office or remotely.

Myofascial Release, developed by internationally recognized John F. Barnes, PT is a gentle, full body and holistic form of bodywork used to promote wellness, decrease or eliminate pain, and restore movement.  Sessions are done in office.

A healing approach using the conscious intelligence and healing gifts of plants to clear dis-ease, enhancing a person's health and well-being.  Sessions are done remotely.

The physical body is the shoreline to an infinite ocean ​of being.

- Sufi  healer's quote

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