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Individual Energy Healing Program

The body has amazing self healing capabilities. 

 When we connect deeply to ourselves with curiosity and compassion, we are able to access our body’s wisdom. The body’s wisdom can inform us of what is needed for healing. 

 This allows us to find our own individual solutions to issues affecting our health and well being.

All aspects of our health can be improved with energy healing.

 We can release the energy blockages of stress, injury and trauma that cause pain, tension or other physical symptoms. We can clear stuck or trapped emotions that limit our ability to feel joy or create meaningful relationships. Outdated beliefs and perceptions can be shifted to allow for reducing stress, finding forgiveness, or finding a new way to look at and respond to a situation. 

 We can connect (or learn to reconnect) to who we are at a deep level, aligning with our deepest desires and purpose, and transform our lives.

Joyce offers long distance energy sessions.  

This means you can receive your session in the comfort of your own home via phone or zoom. 

 Her role as an intuitive energy healing facilitator is to support you as you participate in your own healing process. You are held in a grounded, gentle yet strong, therapeutic presence that provides space for healing on many levels. 

 She and you collaboratively explore your body’s physical signals to access your body’s wisdom. 

The body leads the process.

 She may use ‘energy hands’ to bring support and allow a physical or energetic shift. 

 You may be asked questions to help bring awareness to and help navigate your inner landscape, or to help you gain more clarity to what’s presenting. 

 The goal is for you to feel empowered at the end of each session.

Most healing takes time.

 Of course, significant shifts can happen in one session, or even in an instant. But, more often, healing is a process.  

Many people initially need support in order to gain the skills to deeply connect and understand the language of the body, and to work through the layers of what caused their dis-ease or has kept them stuck. 

The pace of healing is unique to each individual. 

To this end, Joyce offers a 3 month individual energy healing program to ensure that you have the time and support needed to transform your initial challenges and make significant shifts towards your goals for well-being on all levels.

Joyce is always honored to accompany others on their healing journey.

If you are seeking deep inner transformation and/or relief from tension, pain or stress, please feel free to use the contact form to reach out to me. 

 I would be happy to connect with you to discuss your situation and see how this energy healing approach can support you.

The physical body is the shoreline to an infinite ocean ​of being.

- Sufi  healer's quote